Apr 14, 2016
2 minute read

Born To Sell

Everyone is a born salesperson! However, not of all of us were born to be a salesperson. What I mean is that each of us have innate selling skills from the moment we are born and we use them throughout our life.

The moment a child begins to communicate in complete sentences they have started to master one of the key skills of sales, communication. If you have children then this thought will be fresh in your mind. If you don’t have children, think back to that first time you ask your parents for something and they gave you the proverbial “NO, you don’t need that.” So came one of two possible sales outcomes after asking for “the order”, in this case rejection!

Like any salesperson worth their salt, the child will use a key sales strategy known as probing. The child’s brain starts processing, though limited due to age, stored information, some factual but mostly instinctive. The child will ask open ended questions like why not and what if. The child will use the next sales strategy at this point of supplying features and benefits and maybe even give a testimonial about their friend who has the item hoping this will lend credibility.

Great sales people acquire information about their customers and try to understand their client’s needs and wants before the first meeting. Children are just as intuitive and learn quickly what makes their parents happy or upset and learn to interpret voice inflections and nonverbal expressions. A good example of this would be a child going to one particular parent to ask for something as they anticipate that parent’s reaction based on a similar request in the past.

Of course there is the child who is told No, then begins to pout and stomp a round saying “but I want it” and then progresses to screaming and crying. This child would most likely not make a good sales person!

Do not misinterpret my words to mean that sales is so simple a child can do it. Back to my opening line, “Not all of us were born to BE sales people.” We all have some innate skills that are required to be in sales. Just like a professional athlete has trainers and coaches to hone the innate skills that we are all born with to play sports. Likewise professional sales people need coaches and managers to help develop winning sales strategies.